kava mousse

I have sinned-with coffee!

Hallo, my name is Alex and I’m addicted to espresso. That is, when it’s done properly, the italian way, best if served in Italy by a handsome barrista, of course! If you’re far from Italy, but crave the caffeine, try my Petits pots de creme au cafe. Beautifully creamy and mousse like raw coffee cream that will melt in your mouth, it’s a dream come true for me!

DSC_0036-ananas krupno

Chinese combo-sweet and sour but raw

Remember your first visit to the chinese restaurant? I bet you had something sweet and sour, chicken or perhaps pork. It was sweet, it was likeable and nobody complained of the unusual taste. Well, the chinese dish I couldn’t forget and I thought it would be very easy to re-create it in the raw is Sweet and sour rice with pienapple. The presentation of the dish looks amazing on the table as you do not need the dish it all: it’s sweet, crunchy and a little bit spicy-just perfect! 


DSC_0010-slajo torta ukrasena

Time for an ice cream tart

Irrisistible chocolate and strawberries in an ice-cream cake, who can say no to that, right? It’s raw, vegan, nuts free and incredibly fast to make. Minimum effort for maximum impact. It’s also oh so delicious. What more could you ask for?  My nephews were thrilled with it, I’m sure all the kids around the world will love it-you’ll be fighting with kids to get your piece, ha, ha! 






DSC_0036-date triangle nike

Reminder of Namibia-date triangles

I have to proudly present you my latest creation which has won me loads and loads of admiration from my boyfriend who said he hasn’t eaten something so scrumptious for a long time. My raw Date triangles are incredibly easy to make, it takes about 5 minutes tops from start to finish, yet they taste heavenly […]

DSC_0028-3 canolla close

Imagine Sicily in spring-try some raw canolli!

Maybe you have had enough of classical raw desserts which are always more or less the same: cheesecakes, brownies, ice creams and so on? If you’d like to tantalize your taste buds with something completely different, yet sweet but not overpoweringly so, something slightly crunchy with a hint of orange, why not try my raw Sicilian canolli?

riza glavna

Chocolate rice pudding

I used to love rice pudding. Who doesn’t, right? Especially if it’s made with chocolate milk. Here’s a quick and very filling recipe which you can have for an indulgent breakfast. I am sure even your non-raw guests would be pleasantly surprised!

DSC_0034-kiwi zrak bolji

Sticky cake-three layers of happiness

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted by this sticky cake which is, on one hand very, very sweet and on the other, the sweetness of the dough is finely balanced by the slight tartness of kiwi or pineapple-whichever of the two fruits you decide to use. I couldn’t make up my mind, I love both versions!

DSC_0014-sauerkraut to

Powerhouse sauerkraut salad

Bursting with vitamin C and loads of flavour, try my marinated Sauerkraut salad and you will fall in love with fermented food! If you plan in advance, you can fix this meal in 10 minutes, but judging by the complex flavours, nobody will guess it didn’t require too much preparation. I guess it’s the caramelized onions that make the difference in taste!

DSC_0028-pita od jagoda

Spring is here-strawberry tart anyone?

Celebrate the beauty of spring with this amazingly simple, yet irresistible raw strawberry tart with whipped coconut cream. If you’ve had your fair share of classical strawberries with cream, give the raw version a try and you won’t be sorry. While you’re at it, you’ll be thanking me for whipped coconut cream. I didn’t invent it, but wish I had 😉

DSC_0018-banane naslov

Banana + peanut butter = heaven

Look at them! Aren’t they just pretty? I know I sound like a proud mother, but I was really over the moon when I gave birth to these babies, bananas wrapped up in a smooth peanut butter glaze, topped with crunchy peanuts & cocoa nibs. Pure heaven!

DSC_0067-cannelloni jos

Easy cannelloni-gone raw

You crave comfort food, just like your momma used to make? A bit of pasta, a bit of spinach filling, all topped with some hearty tomato sauce? Look no further, with a bit of advance preparation, you could be eating your raw spinach cannelloni already for dinner!

DSC_0025-coko jaje

Chocolate ice cream Easter egg

Chocolate ice cream Easter egg-all raw, of course! Four layers of delicious goodies, all raw, gluten and allergy free. Easier to make than it looks, you could be having this beauty on your table just in time for Easter feast! Whip it up, freeze it and you’re set to go!

DSC_0005-chia naslovna

Chia-my favourite superfood

Everybody’s talking about chia, the small but mighty wonderfood and you’ve got no clue how to eat it? C’mon, it’s super easy and super fast to whip it in a scrumptious dessert-like pudding. You could go for chocolate chia, you could go caramel-chia or perhaps fruit chia-take your pick!


Mango and orange green smoothie

If you still haven’t tried a green smoothie, hop on that wagon pronto! This green wonder is fantastically beneficial to your health, will keep your blood sugar stable, help you if you have diabetes or constipation. If you begin your day with it, you’ll definitely have something to look forward to each morning. Ready in less then 5 minutes!


Nori veggie wraps with satay sauce

When you go raw, you will be amazed how your creativity will explode. Don’t confine yourself only to the food you grew up with, try different things. How about a bit of asian flair with these yummy veggie nori rolls which can be served as a starter or can double up as a practical lunch to put in your lunchbox and carry to work?


Pear and vanilla compote

When we wake up our body craves nourishment to keep us going for the rest of the day, yet many people disregard that need and keep skipping their breakfast which in the long turn will take toll on their health. This ultra fast and ultra tasty pear and vanilla compote-is ready in 5 minutes flat!


Raw food workshops

If you are anything like me, you will find plenty of interesting stuff on the internet, but sometimes that is simply not enough if you’re trying to master a completely new lifestlye. That is when attending a workshops becomes a must. Come and spend several hours with me and learn hands-on!