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Sticky cake-three layers of happiness

dessertIf you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted by this sticky cake which is, on one hand very, very sweet and on the other, the sweetness of the dough is finely balanced by the slight tartness of kiwi or pineapple-whichever of the two fruits you decide to use. I couldn’t make up my mind, I love both versions!

Truth be told, I was experimenting in the kitchen the other day and feel in love with this dough-I think you’ll easily find multiple uses for it, I made it with chocolate frosting, caramel frosting, with or without the fruit, let the sky be the limit to your imagination. Perhaps you’ll come up with another irresistible version of your own. In that case, do let me know please!

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It’s very quick to make and can last for several days in the fridge, but mind you, it’s pretty sweet, so you’ll really need just a small slice. Enjoy!

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Sticky date cake


preparation 20 minutes  difficulty2



For the cake:

1 and ½ cup oat flour

1 Cup dates

1 Cup dried pineapple

½ Cup coconut flour or flakes

1/2 to 1 big banana

For the frosting:

1 cup raisins, soaked

1/2 cup orange juice

grated zest from 1/2 lemon, organic of course

+ slices of your preferred fruit such as kiwi or pineapple


Fodd processor, blender


Place all the ingredients for the cake in your food processor and blend till it starts sticking toghether. Place on a greaseproof
paper or clingfilm and use the rolling pin to flatten into a square which is about one inch high. Store in fridge to chill a little bit. In the meantime prepare the filling: simply drain the water from the raisins and puree them in your food processor with orange juice till smooth. Add lemon zest. Now take out the cake from the fridge and spread the filling over the cake. Cut the cake in three pieces and place pieces of fruit on each layer before sandwiching all together. You should end up with three story high cake. Either eat imedieately or place in the fridge for a while before eating.


DSC_0034-kiwi zrak bolji

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  1. Tiki the raw beast responded:

    · Reply

    This looks amazing!

    Is there any book or app that you made for us raw amateurs!


    • Aleksandra Žarak responded:

      · Reply

      Coming up are three raw apps: Seven day raw, Raw ice creams and Raw desserts so I hope that will help you! Stay raw and beautiful 😉

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